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La mejor forma de predecir el futuro, es creándolo
Peter F. Drucker

ASISTING offers your customers the support and resources necessary to carry out the project to create, seeking and executing the best solution, both economically and technically, always taking into account the term, safety, quality and environment. To attain these objectives, ASISTING features:

- Economic and financial capacity to incorporate and maintain the necessary human and material resources.

- Legal and administrative capacity to develop the planned activities, complying at all times with the legislation and regulations.

- Human group of engineers, architects and technicians to create solutions, seeking and complying at any time with the objectives.

Similarly, has the technical resources to design and implement any type of work:

- Software for Management and Planning of works.

- Design and Calculation Software for civil engineering projects and construction.


Operations Coordinator:
Vicente Bernabeu Paños

Technical Manager:
Jose Luis Linares Hernández

Project Coordinator:
Tomás Daniel Rueda Ciller